Mammoth Cave Transplants

5394 Brownsville Road
Brownsville, Kentucky 42210


Hello from David and Janet Dennison, owners of Mammoth Cave Transplants. In 1994 when we started our business, we both worked off the farm and were nearing early retirement. We were looking for additional farm income and decided to get into growing tobacco transplants for local farmers. As farmers came in to pick up their tobacco transplants, they also wanted to buy vegetable transplants. This helped us to decided to put up a small greenhouse and grow some vegetable transplants and a few flowers. Thus, our business started as a mom and pop operation. As retirement neared and sales were good, we decided to add three more greenhouses and a small office--then we had two greenhouses for flowers and two for tobacco transplants. We quickly outgrew the mom and pop idea and needed to find some help.


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