Vernon Community

1205 Radure Rd.
Hestand, KY 42151
Located off Hwy. 216 - Vernon Rd. along the west bank of the Cumberland River in the southeast corner of Monroe County, the Plain People of The Vernon Community live a lifestyle of simplicity and connection to the land.
Dr. Reuben Schwartz takes patients in his iridology and herb clinic which is only open certain days of the week. You can write to the address above for more information or for an appointment, as there are no telephones in the community.
March through May you can stop by and pick out your garden sets. They start everything themselves and sell to the public. During harvest they have fruits and vegetables for sale in their general store along with fresh milk, butter, baked goods and soap.
During the month of Sept. the community harvests their cane and gets into sorghum production. Folks from all over come to observe and buy their product.