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Sandford Duncan Inn

5083 Nashville Rd.
Franklin, Kentucky 42134


Sandford Duncan Inn is a historic stagecoach stop, tavern and family home that was owned and operated by Sandford Duncan from about 1819 until his death in 1854.  Four stagecoaches stopped daily (2 north-bound and 2 south-bound). Notable people who visited this historical site included President Andrew Jackson, General Sam Houston, Singer Jenny Lind and Jeroboam Beauchamp.


Dueling Grounds Distillery

208 Harding Rd.
Franklin, Kentucky 42134



Brights's Antique World

281 Steele Rd.
Franklin, Kentucky 42134

The Country Store Antiques

3850 Nashville Rd.
Franklin, Kentucky 42134


Open every day 9am-6pm.