Shaker Tavern Bed & Breakfast

396 South Union Road


Bed & Breakfast

The Shaker Tavern, built in 1869 as a business venture for the South Union Shakers, housed a hotel for the "people of the world." The Shakers leased the building to an outside interest for one hundred dollars a month, leaving its management to the "world."

The Shaker Tavern maintained a thriving business for more than forty years, catering to the Victorian railroad travelers who stopped at South Union. The building's architectural features were clearly incorporated to attract the world's people, whose tastes differed dramatically from that of the Shakers. The stark simplicity of the buildings used by the Shakers contrasts greatly with the grand columned facade, intricate brickwork, and the ornate staircase of the Shaker Tavern.

The Shaker Tavern is owned and operated by the South Union Shaker Village. It is located 1.25 miles west of the South Union Shaker Village on Highway 73.

For more information go to South Union Shaker Village.



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